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Ken Hach has been in the renewable industry for twenty three years. He is one of the most experienced windpower developers in the USA. He has been involved in installing wind systems in five Midwestern states and has worked with over two dozen utilities on wind system interconnects. To date Ken has managed the development and in most cases the installation of over 750 wind turbines with a capacity of over 670MW. The Growind principles did the preliminary development of an additional 150 MW that will be completed this year (2004). Additionally, has worked on or is currently working on over 4600MW of potential new development for clients.

Ken began his career in energy as a dealer for Jacobs Wind Electric, and had become the second largest dealer in the United States in 1985 when he accepted an offer from Zond Systems to become Vice President for Midwest Development based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. He had complete management responsibility (obtaining the easements, completing the permitting, lobbying and PPA) for the three largest wind projects in the world at that time: 107.5MW and 104MW projects in southwest Minnesota and a 194.5MW project in northwest Iowa. Additionally, Ken has developed seven hydroelectric projects with a total capacity of 45MW and two cogeneration projects with an installed capacity of 15MW.

Rob Hach has been working in the industry for the past ten years. Rob started two companies, Little Land Company and Anemometry Specialists, to provide land acquisitions and wind testing for development companies, economic development groups, state and local governments, landowners and municipalities/utilities.

Conducting wind testing for a variety of clients, Rob has installed over 335 test towers in sixteen different states along with installing equipment on radio towers up to 100M. He has installed tip-up towers from 10M to 60M. His company is capable of installing towers in a variety of soils and topographies.

For land acquisitions, Rob has secured close to 350,000 acres of land in prime wind area. Rob and his staff can provide everything necessary for the identification and negotiation of land agreements. Rob has consulted with several different companies and landowners concerning different land agreements and agreement wording.

Ken and Rob along with a list of top notch consultants and associates that can provide all the services for the development of your wind project.